Individual Lessons

Stand alone lesson – $75

1 Month pre-paid lesson  (1 session/week) 4 lessons – $280 ($70 each)

3 Month pre-paid lesson (1 session/week) 12 lessons -$780 ($65 each)

1 Month pre-paid lesson (2 sessions/week) 8 lessons for -$520 ($65 each)

3 Month pre-paid lesson (2 sessions/week) 24 lessons for -$1,440 ($60 each)

Group Lessons

Semi Private – $60 a person ( 1  hour )

3-4 Riders – $50 per person (1 ½ hours )


Please Note

* Payment must be paid in full at the beginning of your first session

* Extra fees may apply for lessons that involve travel outside of my area. Contact me for questions about this .

* Please note that all packages above apply to both lessons and training sessions for your horse. You can decide on the ratio depending on you and your horses specific needs/goals.

* If you are unable to make it to one of your sessions in your package, one make up session or extension will be allowed for the one month packages and two make up sessions or extensions allowed for the 3 month packages.


Other Options

Other options include, having me do a schooling session with your horse while you are away or if your horse is lame doing a theory or unmounted session. If you have any known conflicts before signing up for one of the packages please feel free to discuss with me and I will do my best to work it out in my schedule.

Of course if I am sick, away, or unable to teach your scheduled lesson, make up times will be available within the time limit of the package and/or extra time will be added to the package to accommodate.