Do you ever think to yourself?

      • I am so frustrated! I try and do what my instructor asks but my body just won’t cooperate!
      • There is so much tension and struggle in my riding, this is supposed to be fun!
      • I want to feel more like a dance partner, not a dictator.
      • I love my horse and want to be the person my horse deserves, but sometimes I just feel unworthy.


As riders, we have an immense responsibility because not only do we influence a horse’s balance but we influence his state of mind. We need to learn how to use our bodies in ways that do not interfere with his balance and movement and at the same time be very clear in our intent. If our goal is a collaborative partnership we must consider how he thinks as well.

By developing deeper body awareness and becoming more conscious of how we use ourselves, our aids will become more efficient and clear to our horse. We will attune to each other to create a harmonious, joyful relationship, rather than a dictatorship.

~ Carolene Miller